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John Whitehead Images Free Photography Tutorials are Designed to Improve your Photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom Skills! New videos and categories coming.

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John Whitehead Images free photography tutorials is a page designed to teach the world Photography and any associated software used to edit photograph. Adobe Lightroom Classic is a photography hybrid program that creates a database to help you easily organize and find your images. It combines a browser, raw editor, and basic image editor. Adobe Photoshop CC is the premiere photo editing software which is also used by graphic designer, illustrators, web designers, and artists. I have two Photoshop sections on the page. One to teach you the basics of Adobe Photoshop, and one with Advanced Photoshop Tutorials. Adobe Bridge is Adobe’s browser designed to work with its entire creative suite. Adobe Camera Raw is the exact same programs as Lightroom Classics Develop module. It must be used to convert a raw file before you can view it in Adobe Photoshop. Photo Mechanic a super fast browser designed for photojournalists and editorial photographers. However, any can use it. Lastly I will be adding a series of basic videos designed to teach you how to use a camera or shoot in manual.

My original intention for creating YouTube videos was as supplemental information for photo college courses. This is why some videos are lengthy and I might explain a little more. I do plan on creating a large series of shorter to-the-point videos with downloadable .pdf files. in 2023. It is tough to create a video that benefits the needs of a student, and a person on YouTube. I do my best to create honest videos. Google and YouTube prefer power words, numbers and create titles. Always read the excerpt and first paragraph on the video. I have purposely tried to keep this site simple and clean. I want to pages to load fast and be easy to navigate vs. bloated fancy animation like a I had before. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to make any recommendations.

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