Adobe Camera Raw Update October 2022. We had a massive update for Adobe Camera Raw also known as ACR. Masking got some new AI, portrait selections, portrait adaptive presets, object selection and the new Content Fill Tool. In general the AI selections are faster and much better, and Adobe added the ability to make an object selection by identifying an area by lasso or rectangle. AI masks are also able to recognize people and those areas can be broken to into parts of the body or the whole body. The process makes a much better initial selection than a brush, but you can still manually brush in or out specific areas.

Adobe Camera Raw introduces powerful AI selections!

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    Adobe Camera Raw October 2022 update.

    What’s New in the Adobe Camera Raw Update. Check out all the new Ai, portrait selections, portrait adaptive presets and the new Content Fill Tool in Adobe Camera Raw ACR October 2022 Update.

    I have a Facebook Group called, “Learn Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Bridge.” I created this group because I get a lot of questions on YouTube that are hard to answer unless I can see the issue. This will allow a place you can ask questions, and more importantly post images and videos.

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