The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Bridge. This has been my most popular video on YouTube. Adobe Bridge is a browser made to be able to display a wide variety of formats that can be created in the Adobe Creative Suite. Bridge can display photos, vector illustrations, videos, and etc. Bridge can also be used to add metadata, used for keyword application and searches, organization and sorting. I will show you how to use Adobe Bridge to create a workflow such as downloading, culling. Bridge can also use to export basic files. I am a photographer so I will learn towards the photography side of using the application, but the same rules will apply to other fields.

Personally, I use Photo Mechanic as my preferred browser, but you can use Adobe Lightroom as well. I not a fan of the Bridge Photo Downloader, and prefer the Lightroom Classic Import. However, Lightroom is slow and the cataloging aspect does not work for me. I prefer Photo Mechanic because of its simplicity, and speed. Spending money on a specific browser is overkill for the majority of individuals watching these videos. I would suggest trying both to see what you like.

Here are four different workflows:

  1. Adobe Bridge-Adobe Camera Raw- Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Lightroom Classic-Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Camera Raw-Adobe Photoshop
  4. Photo Mechanic- Adobe Camera Raw-Adobe Photoshop

“If you didn’t set out to make the best Adobe Bridge tutorial online, I’m sorry for your failure.”

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    Items Covered in this Video

    The Ultimate Guide to Adobe Bridge

    I will show you how to use Adobe Bridge. These items are time stamped on the video. Preferences, layout, folders, photo downloader, more layout, culling, windows, filters, collections, export, publish, collections, metadata, essentials, libraries, filmstrip, workspaces, options menu, edit menu, and view menu.

    I have a Facebook Group called, “Learn Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Bridge.” I created this group because I get a lot of questions on YouTube that are hard to answer unless I can see the issue. This will allow a place you can ask questions, and more importantly post images and videos.

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